Upcoming Webinars

We are excited to present this series of webinars, featuring highly accomplished and respected neonatal care and research professionals. The program is designed to offer valuable insights regarding neonatal nutrition; address challenges often associated with feeding practices in the NICU; and help neonatal care teams deliver the best care possible for their most vulnerable patients.

Presentation by
Dr. Jane Harding
Dr. Jane Alsweiler
Dr. Chris McKinlay
6/9/21 – 3pm ET

Presentation by
Misty Good, MD
8/12/21 – 2pm ET

Sharon Groh-Wargo PhD, RDN
Tanis Fenton PhD, RD
Amy Sapsford, RDN, CLE
9/14/21 – 2pm ET

Presentation by
David Adamkin, MD
10/14/21 – 2pm ET