The Challenges of Preterm Infant Formula Development


The challenges of bringing an infant formula to market are extensive and complex, and even more so for a premature infant formula.

During this webinar, you will hear Marc L. Masor, PhD discuss the following:

  • How is infant formula regulated?
  • How does that affect infant formula development?
  • How does the manufacturing process affect key infant formula characteristics?
  • What is the research model for infant formula?
  • What clinical research is needed to bring an infant formula to market?
  • How are the ingredients selected and studied to meet the nutritional requirements of preterm infants?
    • Ingredient interactions may affect bioavailability.
    • Selection and study of novel ingredients.
    • Are there different physiological effects between natural and synthetic nutrients?


We will have a Q&A session at the end of the presentation to get your questions answered.

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