NICU Challenges

Preterm Infant Challenges

Due to advances in modern medicine, infants can survive at just 22 weeks gestational age. However, these tiny babies create complex challenges, related to feeding and gut health, for the clinical teams who care for them.

Greater Risk of
Allergy, Asthma
and Obesity
Delays or Disabilities

Hospital Challenges

Hospitals and clinical teams are challenged to care for preterm infants due to a variety of factors. Our NICUtrition® suite of products addresses some of the most challenging issues of the NICU.

Current State

Practice variability among clinicians
Substantial documentation with limited insights
Lack of information on the gut prevents customization of care


Supports adherence to protocols and feeding practice in the NICU
Increases workflow efficiency and streamlines reporting
Allows for personalized care plans with quantification of gut health

Our NICUtrition Platform

Our NICUtrition suite of products provides actionable information in real time, enabling hospitals and clinical teams to standardize care protocols and customize treatment plans by quantifying preterm infant gut health, leading to improved outcomes.

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