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A Focus on Children with Medical Complexity

Medical advances have led to improved survival for many previously life-threatening conditions, such as prematurity, congenital anomalies, and congenital or acquired brain injury.  This epidemiological transition has created a burgeoning population of children with medical complexity (CMC) – those with significant chronic health conditions that involve multiple organ systems, substantial health service needs, major functional limitations, and high healthcare resource utilization.

CMC are a new population that requires specialized care delivery to meet their complex needs.

30% Pediatric
Healthcare Costs,
~ $80B
86% Hospital Charges
in U.S. Children’s
71% Unplanned

Partnering with March of Dimes

Astarte Medical – Meals That Matter Campaign
Astarte Medical is honored to partner with March of Dimes to provide healthy meals to NICU families and clinical care teams.



NICUtrition® provides actionable information in real time to hospitals and NICU clinical teams, enabling them to standardize care protocols and optimize nutrition for preterm infants.






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About Astarte Medical

Led by a distinguished team and world-class advisors in pediatrics, nutrition and technology, Astarte Medical is a clinical intelligence company using software and predictive analytics to improve outcomes for children with medical complexity.

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02.15.23 | Press Release

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