Delivering digital tools and diagnostics
to improve infant outcomes

A Focus on the First 1,000 Days

Starting at conception, the health of both mother and child are of utmost importance. At Astarte Medical, we view the first 1,000 days as a window of opportunity to deliver solutions that allow hospitals and clinical teams to standardize care protocols and customize treatment plans, at a time that has a profound impact on long-term health.

These first 1,000 days are especially critical for preterm infants, who are facing significant challenges, which include:

Greater Risk of
Allergy, Asthma
and Obesity
Delays or Disabilities

Partnering with March of Dimes

Astarte Medical – Meals That Matter Campaign
Astarte Medical is honored to partner with March of Dimes to provide healthy meals to NICU families and clinical care teams.


Core to Astarte Medical is our comprehensive and proprietary dataset, which integrates feeding protocols, microbiome profiles and clinical information. Our NICUtrition® suite of products provides actionable information in real time to hospitals and clinical teams, enabling them to standardize care protocols and optimize nutrition.

About Astarte Medical

Led by a distinguished team and world-class advisors in neonatology, nutrition and microbiome, Astarte Medical is the only precision nutrition company using software and predictive analytics to improve outcomes during the first 1,000 days of life, with an initial focus on preterm infants.

Featured News

11.29.21 | Press Release

March of Dimes and Astarte Medical delivered 150 meals to families and clinical care workers in the NICUs at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

11.16.21 | Press Release

150 meals were delivered to NICU families and clinical staff in honor of Prematurity Awareness Month

11.03.21 | radio

Tracy Warren discusses Astarte Medical’s partnership with March of Dimes for Meals That Matter!



Join leading experts Dr. Sharon Groh-Wargo, David Genetti, Carrie Smith, and Whitney Duddey as we kick off our Pathway To Nutritional Excellence Webinar Series


We are pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at The Conference for Neonatology! Please come see us at booth 309.
San Diego, CA


Astarte Medical will be exhibiting at the Forum
Naples, FL